It takes a Village

I took this image while on a Photowalk at the NY Botanical Gardens with the crew from B&H -- with help from Gabe Biederman -- my first image taken with a Neutral Density Filter. 

I took this image while on a Photowalk at the NY Botanical Gardens with the crew from B&H -- with help from Gabe Biederman -- my first image taken with a Neutral Density Filter. 

I have moments during the course of my day when I’m completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the people I have met who help me in my journey as a professional photographer. It was after one of these moments when I submitted a photo for review on a webcast and got some brilliant feedback from a mentor over at Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew that I thought I should share my tribe with all of you.  

This is my list in no apparent order:

  1. Scott Kelby of I can’t even remember when I started following Scott Kelby but it was well before I attended my first Photoshop event in NYC with my teenage son in 2012. I signed up to join KelbyOne on the spot. Scott and the other instructors at KO are most of the reason why I can navigate through the Adobe Suite of software with any degree of expertise at all. If you are looking for a comprehensive instructional site that can help you improve your photography and your photo editing skills, KelbyOne is the place. The fact that Scott is just an all around cool human being is icing on the cake. 
  2. Deborah Gilbert at The B&H Event Space — if you live around the NYC area and you haven’t been to the Event Space at B&H Photo then you are missing out. Well, maybe not because you might have discovered that so many of their events are streamed online for those who can’t make it to the store to experience the fun in person.
    I have seen some amazing photographers present at the Event Space and met some really talented people. And all for free. Yes, you heard me right. Free. How cool is that? You can check out the schedule here: — don’t worry if there isn’t anything that you aren’t interested in this month, check again and you will probably find something next month. If you really want to up your game join in the fun for the Portfolio Development class run by Deborah. 
  3. Sandra Coan: — Sandra shoots in medium format film and I adore her natural newborn photography. No baskets or props, just babies doing what babies do. Her light is gorgeous — soft and creamy with just the right amount of pop. She has her posing down to where none of her subjects look posed. And she is willing to teach those of us who would like to emulate her style. Check out her website, follow her social media and take advantage of her brilliance. 
  4. Tracie Maglosky: — I met Tracie at a workshop sponsored by Adorama Camera. Her flight was cancelled from Ohio and she drove all night to make it to NYC to teach a 4 hour workshop on Maternity photography. She killed it. And inspired me to take the leap towards featuring Maternity photography as part of my Portrait business. Sometimes you meet someone who is not only talented but a great teacher. Those people are few and far between — Tracie is one of those people and if you have the chance to learn from her you should jump at the opportunity. The workshop I took with her was pretty life changing. 
  5. Gabriel Biederman: and the rest of the crew at National Parks at Night: — I first saw Gabe at the B&H Event Space, heard him speak about his passion for night photography and bought a copy of his book. Then I got to go out on a cold night in Joshua Tree and get bit by the night photography bug. It was truly a potato chip moment. Once you experience it and see what you can create, well, you have to dive deeper and learn more. Gabe is a great photographer, a great teacher, an inspiration and one of those people I am lucky to have met. 
  6. Peter Hurley and his Headshot Crew: — I wouldn’t be half the photographer I am today if it weren’t for Peter Hurley. I still have the notes I took when I first saw him speak at the B&H Event Space in 2012. (I told you I met some amazing people there, didn’t I?) Back then I had no idea how meeting Peter and learning about Headshot photography would change my life. But here I am now, 6 years later, with a growing Headshot and Portrait business. And a huge part of that is because of meeting Peter and investing in myself through the Headshot Crew. I am proud to say that Peter is my mentor. I am honored to be a part of the amazing worldwide community of photographers he has gathered together called the Headshot Crew. I cannot say enough about the people I have met through the Headshot Crew. If you are the least bit interested in improving your craft you should join in the fun. I’ve been a member of the Crew for almost 2 years now and it’s only getting better. 

So that is the short version of my list for now. I hope that you can find some inspiration there. As a community we can learn from each other and grow. Let me know what you think in the comments — I’d love to hear from you.