Does your Headshot reflect who you are now?

Selfie_Pre_birthday (1 of 1).jpg

I have a confession to make. I’ve been stalking you. If I know you or recently met you, I have checked out your social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. And I’ve seen your outdated profile pic. You know the one — you took it back in 2012. It was probably a good hair day, you were 7 years younger and maybe a few pounds lighter. You liked that image so you haven’t updated it since. And that’s if your profile pic isn’t a funny cartoon character or one of your cat. Or a snapchat photo with lots of filters to make your eyes sparkle and your skin look flawless.

Believe me, I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in front of a camera. But as a Headshot photographer, I try and put myself in front of my own lens as often as possible. And in the last few years of taking selfies I have become a lot more comfortable with the idea and the process.

Just so you know, while I recently lost about 30 lbs, I didn’t wait until the weight came off to start taking my studio selfies. I didn’t always like the results but I kept on shooting and updating my profile pic. I got lovely comments for each one, no matter how round I thought my cheeks looked or how many wrinkles I saw accumulating on my face.

I took this image of myself a few days ago. Did I do some photo retouching? Sure did, and I’ll do the same for you — my goal is to show your best self in your new headshot and if that takes a little Photoshop, well, that’s what I’ll do. Will you look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter? Probably not.

You know that the clients you are hoping to attract want to see the person they are going to interact with, not your smiling self from 10 years ago. And your friends and family? They know you don’t look like that anymore (and most of them still love you anyway.)

So be your best self — the one you are now. And let me capture that best self in a great headshot.