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How to prepare:

Headshot sessions with Susan P. are shot either in her home studio in Redding, CT or in her space in Manhattan. A typical headshot session can last approximately an hour. For best results come to your headshot session rested, refreshed and hydrated. 

What to wear:

  • For a Full Headshot Session you may bring up to 3 different looks. Simple is best. Keep in mind the type of headshot you want. Is it Business or Casual? Bring options that reflect the purpose of your headshot — you wouldn't want to bring only casual clothing for a Corporate headshot look.

  • Vary the color and necklines.

  • Avoid busy patterns but don’t be afraid of textures and layers.

  • Wear what you feel comfortable in and what you feel portrays you in your best light. Bring clothing that you feel good wearing but make sure you give your wardrobe choices the once over before you pack it to make sure there aren't pills, loose threads or stains.

  • I advise clients to take their jewelry off for your shoot. Your headshot is all about presenting your best face to the world and jewelry, however small or simple, can be a distraction.

Hair and Makeup:

  • Make sure your skin and lips are well moisturized.

  • Makeup should be as natural as possible for your shoot. Choose a neutral palette and colors that highlight your
    features and eye color.

  • Avoid heavy, dark eyeliner, thick mascara or obviously fake lashes.

  • You might want to consider making an appointment to have your makeup done professionally on the day of your shoot.
    If you do your own makeup bring it along for touchups as needed.

  • Come in with your hair the way you would like to present yourself.

  • Consider scheduling your photoshoots about a week after you have had your hair done at your favorite salon.

  • Use minimal products on your hair and bring a brush or a comb for touch-ups.

  • Professional Hair and Makeup is available for an additional fee and will be scheduled on request.

A note for Men:

  • Men should come groomed and ready to go. My camera will catch all the details of your face so make sure your ear hairs
    and nose hairs are groomed as well.

  • As with women, we find that men are happier making a visit to their barber or salon before our scheduled shoot day.

  • For most men, makeup is not necessary unless it is a part of your everyday look.

  • Make sure to use whatever skincare products you use regularly so your skin and lips don't look dry or chapped and
    to look your best.

Considering a Mini-Session?

  • For your Mini-Session you may bring one wardrobe option

  • Come with your hair and make-up camera ready

  • A Mini-Session will last 30 minutes.

  • You will receive 1 retouched image ready for print or social media

  • Additional images will be available for an additional cost.